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Love Your Local Yarn Shop!

Posted on: April 29, 2015

Image  copyright What Associates

Image copyright What Associates

With Yarn Shop Day 2015 fast approaching it has got me to thinking why you, my lovely customers, might choose to shop with Jenny Wren’s rather than online or anywhere else.
Hopefully, you’ll agree with some (or all) of the reasons below!

1. Customer Service – We are able to give you personal service during your visit, and help you to pick out suitable yarns for your particular purpose. We can advise you on yarn substitutions, talk you through pattern choices and we offer a yarn lay away service so you can keep your dye lots intact.

2. Advice – If you get stuck on any of the patterns you have bought from us, we will try our very best to help you through. This is not something you will be able to get so easily from an online store or at one of the large chains.

3. Instant Gratification – You know what it’s like, you need a project and want to start as soon as possible. You could shop online, but then you will have to sit and wait for the postie to deliver. Or you could come down to the shop, pick out the perfect yarn and take it right home and cast on. I know which I would prefer!

4. Touch and feel – Knitting is a very tactile hobby. The colour and feel of the yarn is very important. No matter how good the photos are online, they don’t always reflect the true colour of the yarn, and obviously you don’t get to feel it either. We also try and have many display garments in store so you can see how the yarn works up.

5. Personal touch – If you get to know your local store by using it regularly there is also the chance that the store will get to know you. Your previous projects will be remembered and asked after, and if you bring them in we will probably beg you for a photo for the “show and tell” gallery. We love to see customer’s finished work and share in the joy.

6. The social side – Knitting and crochet can be a solitary hobby. Not at Jenny Wren’s! We run two knit groups each week and have brought together fibre enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds over a shared love of craft. Friendships have been forged in our shop and we have helped newcomers to the area to make new friends.

I know I can’t compete with the internet and large chains on price, but I hope we provide a value added service that our customers appreciate.